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Nickel plating is the most widely used decorative electroplated coating. Besides the appearance and protection against corrosion, it also provides abrasion resistance and resistance to higher temperatures. It is usually covered with a thin chrome coating.
Nickel is usually applied in Cu/Ni/Cr or Ni/Cr systems. Both systems are highly corrosion resistant.
When choosing nickel plating, it is important to observe the functional requirements of the product, the requirements for appearance and the corrosion exposure of the product.
Nickel plating is widely used in the automotive industry, but only as a base in the nickel-chrome or copper-nickel-chrome systems.
At Žlindra d.o.o, we use highly effective processes for the application of different types of nickel, based on the customer's requirements. Nickel is applied by means of electric current in a special bath. It is also possible to apply nickel chemically to products with a graphite base. We use only certified materials of recognisable brands.

High-lustre nickel plating

High-lustre nickel plating enables an extreme flattening effect on products with an uneven surface on the base material. To achieve this effect, it is enough to apply only a thin layer of electroplated coating, while getting a high lustre at the same time. Coating also offers excellent corrosion resistance, and the active surface of the nickel enables chrome plating.


Matte-satin nickel plating

Satin nickel electrolyte discharges even silk coating. Electrolyte provides a fine crystal coating over the whole area of the current density.


Chemical nickel plating

This process enables the application of nickel on products with chemical application, which means that the treatment does not require an electrical current.