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Copper plating is a process of electroplating which enables the application of different types of copper, according to the customer's requirements. Copper is applied with an electrical current in a special bath. The main purpose of copper plating is to prepare the surface for further applications and to improve conductivity. It also serves as a decorative coating. We use only certified materials of recognisable brands.

Cyanide copper plating

The process of cyanide copper plating enables the application of fine-grained and ductile coating of copper on iron, zinc alloy and brass. A coating on the surface is a good way to prevent diffusion. Due to the nature of the application of cyanide copper, the coating is evenly distributed on the surface of the product.


High lustre acid copper plating

The process of (acid) high lustre copper plating offers ductile, lustrous and well-levelled copper coatings. This process is most suitable for decorative products which need to be lustrous. Copper can oxidise quickly, which is why copper-plated products used for decoration are passivated and lacquered so they retain their lustrous and bright appearance.


Copper patina

In the patina process, copper products are dipped for a short period of time to give them a dark or black finish and then brushed to obtain the appearance of aged copper.


Thick copper plating

This process of copper plating enables the application of thick layers of copper. Thicker layers enable further mechanical treatment. This process is most suitable for electroplating printing cylinders.