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Responsibility of Žlindra d. o. o. 


The beginnings of the Žlindra company date back to 1948, when the owner Marjan Žlindra opened a craft shop. 26 years ago we, Jana and Boštjan Bergoč, took over the family company. In 2006 we introduced the ISO 9001 quality standard. We adopted a company policy and a strategic plan, with which we are committed to successful management and consistent fulfilment of our goals. In spite of fierce competition from foreign companies Žlindra d. o. o. wants to retain the position of a reliable, organised and modern business partner for companies in Slovenia and abroad.

The company specialises in electroplating of metal products; since 2002 also with electroplating of products from graphite for the company Kolektor from Idrija (Slovenia). Our customers are companies form Slovenia and neighbouring countries of Italy, Austria, Croatia and the Czech Republic. Our services incorporate a lot of knowledge and experience since we are treating mostly specialised produces for the world market. Innovations are our signature and the drive of our production. The basic guideline of the company is to ensure market success, with special focus on customer satisfaction – we want to exceed our customers' expectations by continuous improvement of all our services. All 22 employees of the company participate in the education and awareness raising process, and take full responsibility for the quality of their work. The management are working toward mutual interests with all stakeholders. We are committed to social responsibility not only regarding various environmental issues but also in business relations, which we are succeeding through our legal and economic independence. This gives us the opportunity to survive, develop and adhere to ethic business practices. We observe to the vision of ORGALIME (general conditions for supply and installation of mechanic, electric and electronic products,, which is a European federation, representing the industry as a whole and is registered under the European Union Transparency Register – ID number: 20210641335-88.
The company shall continue to provide high quality services of electroplating to all customers, who place their trust in us.

Ljubljana, December, 2015


Boštjan Bergoč,

General Manager