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At Žlindra d.o.o, we apply a hard, mirrored lustrous coating of 24-carat gold made of weakly acid electrolyte. The colour is similar to the colour of pure gold, and is evenly applied, since the electrolytes provide a good depth effect.
The process is used for technical, highly demanding gold plating (printed circuits, connectors, different contacts, contacts, switches, etc.) as well as for the decorative application of high quality gold coating. Decorative products must be lacquered in order to ensure coating durability.
Gold plating also offers low electrical resistance, which is why it is ideal for electronic parts. Many electronic parts such as connectors and circuit components are gold plated, since they ensure maximum corrosion resistance and at the same time retain excellent conductivity. We use only certified materials of recognisable brands.

High-lustre gold plating

Technical and decorative coating, after high lustre nickel plating.

Matte gold plating

Decorative coating, after matte nickel plating.