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Chrome plating is a final treatment with the electrolytic application of chrome. There are several types and methods of chrome plating. In decorative chrome plating, the nickel coating is covered with a layer of decorative chrome with thicknesses from 0.3 to 0.5 µm, which gives the product a recognisable bluish chrome lustre. Decorative chrome plating can be used on products made of iron, copper, brass, aluminium or zamak alloy. Surfaces to be chrome plated must be smooth and clean; however, it is important to know that the anti-corrosive protection of chrome-plated products is not provided by the chrome, but a coating which was applied before, i.e. copper, semi-lustrous or lustrous nickel.
The process is suitable for decorative chrome plating.
It has the following important advantages:
- full coverage,
- improved ability to activate nickel coating.
We use only certified materials of recognisable brands.

High-lustre chrome plating

The most common type of chrome coating is a thin, decorative lustrous chrome. High-lustre chrome plating is used for the metal frames of furniture and car parts. The surface of the product after chrome plating should not be transparent and is highly resistant to corrosion and heat.


Matte chrome plating

This is a process of applying electroplated coating after completing matte nickel plating. The final product has the appearance of silk coating.